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Hello! We are master

we install perfection

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Customers love us

Twenty + years in the field. Customers love us, and you'll too.

premium support

You'll be never let alone. Let's discuss what you need.

Flexible & multiporpuse

From Electric Fitting to Home Automation and Security Plans. We are Pro

Security & VideoControl

Security it's a Big word, we'll escort you along .

Just a Bulb?

We can do that too, let's build trust today

Working perfectly

to have Perfection you must be perfectly set, and we are

Home Automation


From Just saving in electricity bills to ... Check Who is inside, closing the blinds,

Home in a screen

Home Automation help you save and Controls Any aspect of your house or premise from Any device

Is it Free?

It doesn't came for free, but pay for itself in a 5 to 7 years. Thereafter it's basically free

Who to contact ?

Take your infos on the web and/or trades, then drop us a call or a mail


Our Works in U.K.

Choosing US

20+ years on the field

More than 20 years on this environment, qualifications and adwards, in London too. For your Needs in Electicals Solutions

Changing Bulbs

Sure, we too did start like that ( a bit more honestly ) from 1 person to 30 skilled technicians

in house Developement

In House and In Partnership developement, we are accredited partners of some of biggest European Providers and Groups: Came -Gold-, Hesa, BTicino, Infinite Play, KNX ...

premium support

Yes we came from North East Italy, Treviso, and we are a registered U.K. Business with Technicians living here 24/7/365. For your Commercial and Domesti Electrical needs.

How WE Work

We do -a lot of- research

"Work is always the same" doesn't fit to us .
This Bugatti Shop - the 24-26 Brompton Rd. one- has been very challenging. A nice Commercial Electrical work

We plan perfection

Because all our Customer Deserve Perfection.
or the closest possible to it. This -the one in Mayfair- was the second Maison Martin Margela stores we did in London Commercial Electrical works.

Top Class

It's a way to intend the work, even the smallest task. Never stop improving.
In this small Estate we met very nice collegues and tradesmen. Domestic Electrical works in London.

We launch the project

When we are Ready to start learning. any new Project is a new challange and venture for Commercial and Domestic Electrical works in London.

our geniuses










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